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A Swatch Automatic??

Thursday Dec 18, 2008

When I was in the seventh grade way back in the early 80’s I got this really cool, entirely plastic, black watch with no markings. It screamed style to me. Actually it looked quite a bit like a plastic version of the famous Movado Museum watch. I subsequently traded it for a white one with a checkerboard pattern which got swapped for a clear one which was lost a some point during my teen years. Cheap, plastic, awesomeness sums up the original swatch for me. The original plastic Swatches waned in popularity–although swatch group is a massive watch conglomerate that owns a whole bunch of really cool luxury brands like Glashutte, Rado and Omega–but they have always had a place in my heart so imagine how excited I was when I heard that they make an automatic. Apparently these have been knockin’ around for a while, but they just came to my attention this week. This is the Swatch Irony Body and Soul. It does not look like it is really easy to tell the time with, but that’s what cell phones are for.

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