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Cool One From Orient

Tuesday Oct 13, 2009


Here’s my lastest acquisition. In case you have not read any of the other pages in this blog I will reiterate that I am a fan of the Orient Company’s products. I got my wife an Orient Star with a salmon colored face for her birthday last year and it has taken the place of her funky retro Hamilton as her favorite watch. This one is not one of the high end Orient Star models, but it is an inexpensive nod to understated elegance. It has a patterned white/silver  face and a bit of a retro aesthetic. The brown leather band is as functional as it is attractive. It’s got a mineral crystal window, and a stainless case. The case is 36 mm wide making it a nice midsize watch and 11 mm thick, not ultra thin, but a nice width. I bought this to wear with a suit as my Breitling Chronometer is too chunky. The band width is 20mm which is pretty standard and opens up a lot of possibilities for after market bands. The movement is Orient’s in-house movement made in japan. Mine has been tremendously accurate so far.  Best part of this watch is I got it for $90. I got the idea that I needed a thinner case style with a brown band from this guy on the awesome sartorialist blog. 9259WatchWeb

Here is the Manufacturer Blurb:

“This classic timepiece should truly be treasured. This model follows the motif of classic looks throughout the history of mechanical watches. There are, however, a few minor changes that add to its traditional theme. This may be the perfect gift for your father or for yourself if you enjoy traditional styles.
Although there are many watches that follow the same design, this watch’s feature are truly exceptional. If you look closely at the surface of the dial, you will notice the checkered patterns that gives the dial extra texture. On the 6 o’clock indicator, there is the date indicator so that you are able to view the day of the week.

There are two different levels to the crown (time-setting knob). The first level adjusts the day indicator located on the 3 o’ clock position. The second level adjusts both the time hands and the date of the week. To change the date, you have to first rotate the hour hand forward in time until you notice the change of the day i.e. from Monday to Tuesday.

You will see that the crown comes with the official Orient logo engravings. Another feature for this productproduct is its luminescent hands. This allows the owner to enjoy the face during the night. Also, the case is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

This series comes in either a solid stainless steel band or a genuine leather band. The metal band comes with a combination of matte and finished links. This adds a two-tone shine to the metal. You will notice that the leather bands have white stitching on the edge. Metal bands come with a deployment clasp, which protects the time piece from inadvertently falling off.

There are 5 variations to this product, 3 of which are in metal bands and 2 of which are in brown leather bands. The metal bands have three different dial colors: black, blue, and white. For the leather band models, the face comes in either a black or white dial.”

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with Orient –or any other company for that matter–although I wish I was so someone would give me some free watches.

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