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You Can Be My Wingman Any Time: G-Shock Gravity Defier (GW-2500)

Tuesday Jun 9, 2009

It’s not an automatic, but it’s pretty darn cool. It’s a pilot’s watch. Correction– It’s a bad-ass pilot’s watch. Next time you are subject to strong gravitational forces, like in the cockpit of your F-16, you better be wearing G-SHOCK’s GW-2500 Gravity Defier. This baby will withstand the shock of your sonic boom. Plus it’s easy to read when you are about to black out in a cool upside down barrel roll. It’s got big buttons for frozen high altitude fingers to work easily. It’s water proof to 200m so when you bailout and land in the middle of the North Atlantic your watch will still work. It’s solar powered and auto back-light. It can display 3 times at once, plus it’s got a stopwatch, countdown timer, five alarms and world time. Punching out Maverick.

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